Thursday, 14 March 2013

Everything happens... just to make my life more interesting.

My cell phone broke yesterday. I had it for just... 3 months. 3 MONTHS! I'm such a lucker in breaking phones. I already sent it to repair but it hurts so much to not have my baby with me. Gladly my mom bought an alternate phone which all family members can use in an emergency. But enough to yesterday..
I don't need to say even more it was just a SHIT DAY!

Today was quite better..the sun was shining, and though it was freezing, I felt the spring coming ♥ And another surprise ist, that my boyfriend is staying over night. We can watch another episode of "Dexter". The new series we just begun to watch. This thing is so awesome! Detectives, blood, murder, psychopaths and an awesome actor. Everyone who likes 'Criminal Minds' etc. and 'American Psycho' needs to watch this!

Another cool thing is, I finally convinced my mum to buy me new crayons and a sketchbook. So I can improve my drawing skills from now on. Just drew this in school for the girl who is sitting next to me. First time for me drawing an animal in this pose and anything x.x

And that's it from me today. Tomorrow is finally week-end and I'm going to party all the negative thoughts away.
Bye ♥

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The higher I get, the lower I sink.

Today is a weird day, guys.
Had two tests today and I was so exhausted after writing them, I just wanted to instantly fall asleep. But NO~ had to take pictures for my passport and everything and now I'm still awake because it hadn't pay off if I took a nap..

Passport picturrreee~ Ugly, derpy me xD

I'm just a bunch of sadness today, I can't deal with the amount of emotions which are in me again and that makes me sick. Sometimes I wish I had a normal range of emotion and not this fucked up disorder-thingy~
Tried to tell my boyfriend but he still don't understand that my emotions are..kinda heavier than those of other humans.

Who cares. Need to carry on.. and to distract myself I tried to draw again and I think it came out okay. I'm currently obsessed with the songs and lyrics from BMTH's newest album "Sempiternal" because they go so deep.

This is it. Those legs are shitty..but I couldn't to it better...

Now I'll maybe watch Cinderella or Robin Hood or another comforting Disney movie to make me feel better..a hot chocolate maybe too and sleep very soon x_X
It's just not my day. Or week..or I don't know.

Bye my lovelies ♥

Sunday, 10 March 2013

True story.

If you want to survive in this world, don't wish to please everyone. You're going to break.

You can't make everything right for everyone. There are always some scumbags and shitty assholes who'll going to hate you anyways.
I just learned it this week.
If you'll meet an extraordinary egoistic person, just don't get your mouth off on them. They will screw you and break you. They will turn around everything you was saying and use it against you.
Don't even try to make it right, such persons don't listen to the things you're saying. They are always right, everyone's just hurting them. They search every mistake in other persons, but not in themselves..

This is a screwed up world we live in. The ones who are the nicest people die because of those who will rip them off. The bad people rule the world and we just need to try not to drown in it..

I hate this place so much sometimes.

Party, Party~

Long time no see, guys.

But HEY~ I'm at school for 5 weeks and there just happens NOTHING. I wake up. go to school, come home and start learning or sitting at my laptop. Mostly I'm on tumblr or I play Skyrim so..nothing much to talk about, right?!

On thursday I was in 'Les Miserable' with my bby and holy shit. I cried like a baby and those songs about the revolution gave me chills over chills and the actors and the whole story are just wonderful and exciting!! Everyone needs to watch it. Though I don't really like musicals..this one is so, so, so good!

And this week-end was A-W-E-S-O-M-E ♥
Friday I was at my boyfriend' play Skyrim together and such stuff.. it was nice and cuddly and wow..we're so close like we've never been before and it just feels so wonderful!
The day after he went to Leipzig to see Being As An Ocean and a few other bands and I got prepared for 'Kaputtdubben' which is a pretty cool Dubstep-Party in my town.

Before it started, I was at a birthdayparty with my cousin and it was much fun, because we never went somewhere together before. Here's a picture of us with cool, cool sunglasses:

Well, after that we got there and OH MY GOD what a night! I couldn't stop dancing for almost 3 hours. The beat and the bass got into my body and I just needed to move. I love those feelings, when music catches you like this and makes you forget everything! How about you? Do you like Dubstep?

This is what I wore that day. My beloved Litas again ♥♥

Got home at 4am and I nearly fell asleep on the floor. And now I'm sitting here and waiting for my boyfriend to write me when he's in Stuttgart again so I can visit him.

Bye bye ♥