Sunday, 10 March 2013

True story.

If you want to survive in this world, don't wish to please everyone. You're going to break.

You can't make everything right for everyone. There are always some scumbags and shitty assholes who'll going to hate you anyways.
I just learned it this week.
If you'll meet an extraordinary egoistic person, just don't get your mouth off on them. They will screw you and break you. They will turn around everything you was saying and use it against you.
Don't even try to make it right, such persons don't listen to the things you're saying. They are always right, everyone's just hurting them. They search every mistake in other persons, but not in themselves..

This is a screwed up world we live in. The ones who are the nicest people die because of those who will rip them off. The bad people rule the world and we just need to try not to drown in it..

I hate this place so much sometimes.

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