Monday, 18 March 2013

Bohooo~ school stuff.

Right now I'm nearly doing anything to avoid writing on my composition for my presentation about eBooks for school.
I just don't know how to start and I really don't feel like doing anything productive today..despite writing this blogentry.

Weekend was just too full of fun and I can't concentrate on school, I'd rather go to work. Well, one week to go. YATTA~

On friday there was 'Lehmann mosht' again and this time it was soooooooo awesome. My soul-girl Zahra was with me and we both wore our 'Keep calm and listen to Of Mice & Men' shirts. We drank so much Tequila and were dancing like awesome shit and nearly all the guys in the club were trying to flirt with us. Too bad for them we already have lovely boyfriends. (Enough of self-praise. lol)
And the rest of the weekend I was chilling at my bby's home, we nearly slept for 14 hours and after that I was just watching him playing Skyrim.

Annnnnd~ I didn't show you the stuff I bought with my mum at a second hand store, yet! I just found 2 shirts, but hey better than nothing. What do you think?!

The grey one is my favourite! ♥

Maybe I'll just do my presentation tomorrow in school.. I really don't like school. Drawing is better.. or playing Sims3 or Skyrim.. or sleeping. Everything is better than school.
But well, gladly I wrote a new blogentry.. and I'm leaving you alone again.