Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hey from a really tired Hachi~

This week-end was full of stress and friends and music.
Yesterday I was shopping with my wonderful friend Tsu and we found so many awesome clothes. Sadly we both had not much money x_x (will someone give us a 'money-tree'? PLEASE?)

Buuuuut~ the clothes I bought are sooo cool! Though they are mostly from H&M... here you go:
Sweater and leggins both from H&M~but it's so comfy ;w;

I couldn't resist buying one of those skirts.. 

This shirt is my favourite piece *-* It fits me so well and awww~ wolves and and a deer!

So..well all those clothes are a bit 'hipster-ish' but I don't care. I'm going on having my own style ♥ After that little shopping tour we went to our local Bubble Tea-store and talked about this an that. Very nice evening ♥

Spent the night at my boyfriend's home and today was my grandma's birthday, so don't much to talk about this..
Tomorrow school again and I need to start my preparations for my birthday next week *__* (turning 20 omfg)

So bye bye~ ♥