Saturday, 23 February 2013

Week-end starter.

Good morning guys.
I'm writing now because I don't know how my day will be. It's saturday and I still have some money on my bank account...if you know what I mean ;)

Yesterday I accomplished the mission 'rescuing relationship' ♥ I didn't tell you, but it was a hard time for my boyfriend an me this week. But now everything's lovey-dovey again. So don't worry.

This week I also got my new piercings for my lip. And I have a new favourite one:

It's a black ball closure ring and I love it.

Next point which I didn't show you is, that I'm a Teamer again *-* ♥♥ The package finally made it to me and I'm so happy to call myself Teamer again. Maybe I'll get the chance to participate at a Team LM.C meeting when I'm in Japan. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. (ALREADY SO EXCITED FOR THIS JAPAN SHIT WITH MY WONDERFUL DUCKY AND BOYFRIEND)

Oh and another thing is, I dyed my hair again. I just love the red colour too much x_x"
Here's a picture of it. Maybe there will be some more and better pictures soon.

And at last, you maybe can help me with some things I would like to order.. I can't decide which one..

Maybe you can help me with my decision.

And now I'm going to wake up my boyfriend.
Bye bye ♥

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Concussion and Of Mice & Men ♥

Hello again,

today is kind of a shitty day. Yesterday in the night I passed out while I was going to the toilet and hit my head against the floor. Now I have a impinged chin and a concussion..
It really sucks.. nevertheless I got inked today.

Here's a short introduction of those who doesn't know the band Of Mice & Men ♥

These are those fuckers who are saving my life right now.
Especially this one man. Austin Carlile is his name, and he is my hero. My absolute hero. If you're interested why he is such a wonderful, awesome person, go on youtube and watch a few videos about him. 

He just loves his fans as much as they love him. That is one awesome fact.

And well, today I got a line from their most famous song on my right leg. It says 'This is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love, like a boy needs his mother's side.' It's from 'Second&Sebring' and I love this song so much.. And they nearly every song of them is so meaningful and gives me strength to carry on.

yay for tattoos. ♥ 

So..since I'm still ill..there's nothing more to say today.
Maybe tomorrow again.

Bye bye.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Reactivated my blog. Yay.

I think it's a perfect time for this, because now everything seems to be a new exciting chapter of my life.
I know I was absent for a long, long time. I just struggled with a lot of things and..yep. Now I'm back.

Tomorrow a new school block starts for me and this time it's about 5 weeks. So enough time to write about everything.

Right now I haven't much to report. Only that I tried out a new style for my wig. Like you can see here:

My face is fugly today so don't be angry with me. I'm just doing you a favour.

Winter is still here and I'm just waiting for spring... I'm kinda sick since...well since winter began so I need the sun to feel better.
Let's hope together that the snow and the cold time is over soon ♥

I'm also again still in a relationship with my lovely boy and we will move together this year! Already found THIS ONE flat, where we also could have cats and it has a little patio and it looks so shiny and dreamy. Hopefully everything will be good..
It's just so wonderful that he and me have some kind of special connection and that we just have to get married and stuff ♥ Just look at this cuuuuute picture of us! (Yep I can be cocky ^-^")

Our first 'kiss-picutre' ♥ (after 2 years of begging for a picture like this..)

I don't think there's more to say today..but the fact that I have a new haircolor again. Teehee~ I think I'll stay like this for a pretty long time because I really like this ginger-ish look. Though I'm a fake 'ginger'

Yep, that's it.
Bye bye, you'll hear from me very soon again ♥