Sunday, 10 March 2013

Party, Party~

Long time no see, guys.

But HEY~ I'm at school for 5 weeks and there just happens NOTHING. I wake up. go to school, come home and start learning or sitting at my laptop. Mostly I'm on tumblr or I play Skyrim so..nothing much to talk about, right?!

On thursday I was in 'Les Miserable' with my bby and holy shit. I cried like a baby and those songs about the revolution gave me chills over chills and the actors and the whole story are just wonderful and exciting!! Everyone needs to watch it. Though I don't really like musicals..this one is so, so, so good!

And this week-end was A-W-E-S-O-M-E ♥
Friday I was at my boyfriend' play Skyrim together and such stuff.. it was nice and cuddly and wow..we're so close like we've never been before and it just feels so wonderful!
The day after he went to Leipzig to see Being As An Ocean and a few other bands and I got prepared for 'Kaputtdubben' which is a pretty cool Dubstep-Party in my town.

Before it started, I was at a birthdayparty with my cousin and it was much fun, because we never went somewhere together before. Here's a picture of us with cool, cool sunglasses:

Well, after that we got there and OH MY GOD what a night! I couldn't stop dancing for almost 3 hours. The beat and the bass got into my body and I just needed to move. I love those feelings, when music catches you like this and makes you forget everything! How about you? Do you like Dubstep?

This is what I wore that day. My beloved Litas again ♥♥

Got home at 4am and I nearly fell asleep on the floor. And now I'm sitting here and waiting for my boyfriend to write me when he's in Stuttgart again so I can visit him.

Bye bye ♥


  1. Dubstep <333 aber selbst "DER" Dubstep-Club bei uns spielt davon zu wenig :D

  2. Eiiiii caramba. Dieses Outfit *A*