Saturday, 23 February 2013

Week-end starter.

Good morning guys.
I'm writing now because I don't know how my day will be. It's saturday and I still have some money on my bank account...if you know what I mean ;)

Yesterday I accomplished the mission 'rescuing relationship' ♥ I didn't tell you, but it was a hard time for my boyfriend an me this week. But now everything's lovey-dovey again. So don't worry.

This week I also got my new piercings for my lip. And I have a new favourite one:

It's a black ball closure ring and I love it.

Next point which I didn't show you is, that I'm a Teamer again *-* ♥♥ The package finally made it to me and I'm so happy to call myself Teamer again. Maybe I'll get the chance to participate at a Team LM.C meeting when I'm in Japan. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. (ALREADY SO EXCITED FOR THIS JAPAN SHIT WITH MY WONDERFUL DUCKY AND BOYFRIEND)

Oh and another thing is, I dyed my hair again. I just love the red colour too much x_x"
Here's a picture of it. Maybe there will be some more and better pictures soon.

And at last, you maybe can help me with some things I would like to order.. I can't decide which one..

Maybe you can help me with my decision.

And now I'm going to wake up my boyfriend.
Bye bye ♥

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