Saturday, 20 April 2013

Weekend! Sushi-Time ♥

Hello dearests~

Today is saturday and I am so utterly happy about the weekend. My days were so, so stressful and now I can finally rest a bit.

Yesterday I was at a little hardcore concert with my best friend and I discovered a few new awesome bands for me. First of all: The Carriage!! OH MY GOD they were sooo good and my friends just ruled the pit and they did some kind of crocodile-air-mattress-fighting and wow. They're hella good!
Here's their facebook page! Please check them out!!

Today was a good day too! I slept really long and then began to bake a cheesecake out of this awesome book. (You must know, I'm obsessed with cheesecakes. And cheese of course.)

After that, I went to town with my lovely girls to get some sushi! It was so nice to meet them all again. Especially Mona because I spazzed with her about Game of Thrones all the time! Feels so good to have someone else to talk about this awesome series~ except my ex.

Oh and a short update about Japan: I got my money and next monday I'm going to make me a credit card. Concerts are settled too. WE WILL SEE HER NAME IN BLOOD!! Awww~ fucking awesome.
I really can't wait to get there, I already dreamed about Tokyo and everything. SO EXCITED!

Well, back to sushi. I love this little restaurant Tsu discovered at the beginning of the year. The sushi there is so delicious and low priced!! And they make FRIED SUSHI! Most delicious thing I ever ate!!
Here you can see our full table. Sorry I had to cover Bien's face, but she looked so funny. 

Oh and I was a bit creative today, too. I saw many shirt with those paintings on them like 'Ew' or 'I hate you' inside of hearts in tumblr and I thought it looked I made one shirt by myself. I'm still not satisfied with it.. I think I'll add something tomorrow. Stay tuned for it~

So I think that's it for the day. Tomorrow I'll need to clean my whole room and work on my paintings maybe.. So good night my beloved readers. ♥

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