Sunday, 14 April 2013

P-P-Party People~ ♥

 Hello theeeere,

It's been quiet a long time since my las entry.There was so much..chaos in the past weeks and I tried to tidy up in my life first, before continuing this blog.
So I hope you aren't mad at meeeeh. ♥

Some of the most important happenings are, that my boyfriend and I broke up.. and I don't even know how to explain why. And a trip to my good old friend Ari caused me the decision to move to Berlin this year! I'm searching for a job these days and I really am trying to make it real.
Berlin feels just like home to me and there are so many cool people and beautiful places and I just can't ignore this 'I belong here'-feeling.

The wonderful television tower of Berlin ♥

And here are Ari and me ;_; ♥ It was just so nice and the view out of her flat is also really cool! 

All in all, Berlin is the city of my dreams!! (Wait until I was in Tokyo, maybe then my opinion changed. Haha) But well, everybody needs dreams, right? ♥

The week after my cool trip was veeeery....unspectacular. EXCEPT THAT I GOT MY The GazettE TICKETS FOR MUNICH AND I'M ALL ksanvösnblsnbölsnbösmbdjn~ Because we all waited so long for them to come to our country again and we already thought they'd hate Germany and stuff but nooooow~ THEY ARE REALLY COMING!
I am so excited already and I surely will be so overwhelmed when I can see them finally live. Will be a wonderful experience!

Oh and yesterday I was partying with my best girls in town! Second time I was at a 'Hip-Hop'-Club (not much my music taste) But it was cool to dance off all worries and negative feelings ♥ And those wardrobe-guys of the club were so in love with me that I didn't even have to pay!
Here are some pictures from yesterday. Sorry for the picture spam...but I really like taking photos of everything!
My Party-girl Tsu and me ♥ She is so beautiful!

She's such a good friend to me and I love her really much! ♥

And my other girls! July, Tini and Geli. Was muuuuch fun partying with them.

The whole evening was quiet nice, since we drank muuch alcohol.. funny talks and on the way to the club we sang in the tub. The club itself was also pretty awesome! The hip-hop-room was so stuffed with dancing people and it was sooo hot and sweaty in it that we could barely dance without fainting.. after 3 hours I had to give up because I felt too dizzy.

But all in all it was so nice. And today I'm going to continue drawing..or playing SKYRIM again *-* And in the night maybe watching the new episode of Game of Thrones with my ex on the phone. Will be fun.

See you soon my dearest. I love you!


  1. Dann sieht man sich ja bei Gaze~

  2. Na geil. Und in Tokyo kommst du bildschöner Mensch überall umsonst rein und ich Kartoffelgesicht muss das dreifache zahlen :'D

    Aber meine Güte, ihr seid alle so schön ;_;